Solutionomics is dedicated to developing and disseminating solutions for creating a more dynamic American economy.

Solutionomics is independent of political parties, Super Pacs and lobbyists. Its focus is solutions, not politics.

Solutionomics was established based on a premise that we can do better and in response to the growing loss of faith in America’s ability to improve its economic future, a crisis of confidence surrounding the functionality and effectiveness of Congress, and the resulting demoralization, division and disengagement among Americans.

Its primary areas of focus include developing solutions for a more efficient, merit-based corporate tax code; replacing damaging global trade myths and policies with solutions for winning the game of global trade, and maintaining a financial system that provides a stable source of capital for consumers and businesses.

Solutionomics seeks to introduce solutions, not politics into the media discourse while bringing them to the attention of Congress in the pursuit of developing solutions for today’s most pressing economic challenges.



Solutionomics is about Solutions, Not Politics.