Solutionomics Solution #1: Implement an ROI-based decision-making process Pg. 30

Corporate Tax Solution #5:  Base each company’s tax rate on the percentage of its total employees that are in the U.S.  Pg. 73 This would finally provide an incentive to maintain and increase employment in the U.S. 

Global Trade Solution #1: At a minimum, negotiate equal trade terms and, ideally negotiate more favorable terms for the U.S. Pg. 100  This would finally make trade terms including tariffs reciprocal.

Financial Crises Solution #1: Base the pay of bank executives and those approving loans on how much of the money lend is repaid.  This would finally tie bank executive compensation to the quality of the loans they make as opposed to the quantity.

Expanding the Middle Class Solution #3: Increase Pell Grant funding to the most effective institutions while eliminating funding for the most costly and ineffective programs Pg. 240

Congressional Solution #16: Develop an online searchable database that contains every congressional member’s (and their staff’s) work email Pg. 275 Hackers shouldn’t be the only ones with access to the emails of our public servants