What is Solutionomics?

Solutionomics is America’s Solution Tank™. It is focused on advancing solutions, not political ideologies.

Solutionomics solves differently by focusing on return on investment, not political calculation. It is about achieving America’s economic potential including faster wage growth, higher-paying jobs, greater financial security, reduced financial crises and federal deficits all benefitting taxpayers, companies, and investors through stronger and more stable economic growth. 

The economic and political shortcomings others bemoan, I see as opportunities for America. Solutionomics is about capitalizing on those opportunities and achieving America’s economic potential. Here you will find specific, innovative solutions based on a fresh, non-partisan approach – return on investment, not the same old Left and Right tropes.    You will also find analysis of the latest economic, financial market, and global trade developments, corporate tax policy, monetary policy, and most importantly – what it all means for you.