I’m Chris Macke

Welcome to Solutionomics™

I do not work for a political party, lobbyist, PAC, or Super PAC. I am independent, not indebted.

My political independence, educational background, and industry experience allow me to devise innovative solutions based on how our economy and financial system works and to evaluate them based on their return on investment to the American taxpayer, not a political agenda.

I believe SOLUTIONS should be evaluated on ROI such as faster wage growth and creating higher-paying jobs, greater financial security, reduced financial crises and lower deficits as well as increased company revenues.

“At GE Chris was a brilliant deal professional. Chris was always willing to consider different views and challenge where necessary. He possessed the right balance of confidence and humility which has continued to serve him well.”

— David Garvey, Ernst & Young,
Try-State Growth Markets Leader

“Chris has a great ability to dive into the weeds to understand an issue and then step back and see exactly where and how it fits into the bigger picture. He has a unique and extremely well-informed perspective that is fueled by his intellectual curiosity.”

— Kevin McMeen, President, MidCap Financial

“Chris Macke is unique in his ability to find actionable solutions to challenges big and small. A valued thought leader amongst investors, he combines rigorous analysis of data with a clear understanding of the bigger picture – it’s not just about numbers on a spreadsheet, but ultimately about real people trying to make their lives work as best they can. I depend on Chris to open my mind and help me find a deeper truth.”

— Gunnar Branson C.E.O., Association of
Foreign Investors in Real Estate