Solutionomics breaks America’s stubborn political divide in a refreshing way. It illustrates how simple, yet powerful changes in economic incentives and Congressional transparency can motivate CEOs and politicians, both Republican and Democrat, to elevate the competitiveness of the U.S. economy, raise the earning potential of American workers, and reset American democracy so that it once again drives national prosperity.
— Dr. Phillip T. Powell, Faculty Chair, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Solutionomics is a must-read guide for educating the American public about the current state of our economy and offers some intriguing solutions that can help us rebuild the American Dream.
Cary Correia, Chief Commercial Data Science Leader, General Electric

In Solutionomics, Chris Macke delivers innovative, ROI based solutions for achieving America’s economic potential.

Macke’s solutions are based on delivering a better return on investment to the American taxpayer and small business owners—the backbone of the American economy.

Solutionomics addresses five key issues that will impact America’s economic future:

Expanding the American Middle Class

Solutionomics outlines key ingredients to more efficiently grow the American middle class, including getting a better return on our postsecondary education funding.

Creating an Incentive-Based Corporate Tax Policy 

Discover how making company tax cuts contingent on companies hiring more Americans and raising wages would generate stronger job and wage growth at a lower cost to American taxpayers.

Reducing Financial Crises

Financial crises impede economic growth for years. Solutionomics details how to reduce the frequency and severity of financial crises creating a more reliable source of consumer and company loans.

Winning the Game of Global Trade

Solutionomics reveals the twelve global trade myths keeping America from winning the game of global trade and the truths we should be basing our trade policy on instead.

Increasing Congressional Transparency and Accountability  

Solutionomics outlines specific measures that would increase Congressional transparency and accountability.

You are a crucial ingredient in transforming the solutions into reality. Awareness leads to action. Tell your friends, coworkers, and family about the solutions you like. Post the solutions on your Facebook page, tweet them to your followers, or post them on Instagram. Call in to your favorite talk show or attend a town hall meeting asking the show’s host or candidate about the solutions.


“Chris Macke is unique in his ability to find actionable solutions to challenges big and small. A valued thought leader amongst investors, he combines rigorous analysis of data with a clear understanding of the bigger picture – it’s not just about numbers on a spreadsheet, but ultimately about real people trying to make their lives work as best they can. I depend on Chris to open my mind and help me find a deeper truth.”

— Gunnar Branson C.E.O., Association of
Foreign Investors in Real Estate

“Chris is a curious, creative thinker who digs deep and reaches enlightening conclusions. He will make you think harder and have fun doing it.”

— Gregory Obenshain, Partner, Verdad Advisors

“Chris has the ability to create thoughtful, critical analyses of complex problems with the goal of suggesting pragmatic, real-world solutions that should appeal to a wide audience. His background in the investment and finance industry, along with his capacity to write without a specific political agenda, inform a style that I believe his readers will find refreshing.”

— Dan Butler, Vice President,
Brookfield Global Asset Management