What is Solutionomics?

Solutionomics is America’s Solution Tank™.

It advances solutions, not political ideologies.

Solutionomics solves differently by focusing on return on investment, not political calculation. It is about expanding the middle class through faster wage growth, higher-paying jobs, greater financial security, reduced financial crises and federal deficits all benefitting taxpayers, companies, and investors through stronger and more stable economic growth. 

Solutionomics utilizes return on investment, not political calculation to evaluate which solutions will deliver the best result for the American taxpayer

Solutionomics breaks America’s stubborn political divide in a refreshing way. It illustrates how simple, yet powerful changes in economic incentives and Congressional transparency can motivate CEOs and politicians, both Republican and Democrat, to elevate the competitiveness of the U.S. economy, raise the earning potential of American workers, and reset American democracy so that it once again drives national prosperity.

— Dr. Phillip T. Powell, Faculty Chair, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

“Chris has the ability to create thoughtful, critical analyses of complex problems with the goal of suggesting pragmatic, real-world solutions that should appeal to a wide audience. His background in the investment and finance industry, along with his capacity to write without a specific political agenda, inform a style that I believe his readers will find refreshing.”

— Dan Butler, Vice President, Brookfield Global Asset Management


  • A young American, losing faith that his or her future can be better than his or her parents.
  • A Retiree, who worked hard his or her entire life and yet, is now left with having to choose between buying food or medicine as he or she wonders if his or her savings will run out.
  • An American taxpayer who looks at Washington and wonders: “Is this really the best we can do? Are these the only ideas we can come up with?”
  • A small business owner, working hard to build a business in the face of competition from both larger, better-financed domestic companies and global, state owned enterprises subsidized by foreign governments.
  • Policy makers dependent on organizations focused more on advancing political agendas and partisan ideologies than non-partisan solutions
  • The average investor, struggling to find reasonable returns at acceptable risk levels

Solutionomics, the book.

Achieving America’s Economic Potential

Solutionomics solves differently by focusing on return on investment, not political calculation.   You’ll see there is a way to achieve America’s economic potential, including faster wage growth and higher-paying jobs, greater financial security, increased company revenues, and reduced federal deficits.

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